Comp Wire by Wotofo

Comp Wire by Wotofo

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    Comp Wire by Wotofo are premade coils of various complexities that are ready to be installed in your favorite RDA and RTA's! Each variation of the premade coils come in a resealable tube that consists of 5 premade coils.

    Please Note: The resistance reading is for each coil.

    Coil Specifications:

    Twisted Wire: 26AWG, ~2.2mm Inner Diamater, 0.5Ω - 0.6Ω

    Quad Twisted Wire: 26AWG, ~2.2mm Inner Diamater, 0.25Ω - 0.35Ω

    Tiger Wire: 26AWG and 0.8mm x 0.2mm Flat Wire, ~2.2mm Inner Diamater, 0.5Ω - 0.6Ω

    Clapton Wire: 24AWG and 30AWG, ~2.2mm Inner Diamater, 0.55Ω

    Hive Wire: 26AWG, ~2.2mm Inner Diamater, 0.2Ω - 0.3Ω

    Clapton II (Fused Clapton) Wire: 2x 28AWG and 32AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.4Ω ± 0.05Ω

    Clapton Parallel (Fused Clapton) Wire: 2x 26AWG and 30AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.4Ω ± 0.05Ω

    Clapton III (Spaced Fused Clapton) Wire: 2x 28AWG and 0.5mm x 0.1mm Flat Wire, 32AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.3Ω ± 0.05Ω

    Clapton III (Spaced Fused Clapton) Wire: 2x 28AWG and 0.5mm x 0.1mm Flat Wire, 30AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.3Ω ± 0.05Ω

    Clapton Twist Wire: 2x 28AWG Twisted and 30AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.4Ω ± 0.05Ω

    Triple Core Clapton Wire: 3x 26AWG and 32AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.30Ω ± 0.05Ω

    Triple Core Caterpillar Wire: 3x 26AWG and 32AWG, ~2.5mm Inner Diameter, 0.30Ω ± 0.05Ω


    1x Resealable Tube With 5 Premade Coils

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    1. Perfect!

      These coils are awesome and perfect. Great flavor and dense clouds. I will pick up more for sure. on

    2. Great wire!

      I received these coils in the mail a few days ago. The coils were clean and the ohm range was accurate. I would definitely reorder these again. on

    3. Great coils, but resistance is incorrectly labeled...

      These coils are great – no machine oil taste on any of them so far, and once installed all they needed were a couple "strums" to remedy a hot spot or two. The only problem I have is that I ordered the .6 claptons, and each one has been in the .42 - .43 range... that's a pretty large margin of error there, guys. on

    4. For the lazy, or in a hurry, or noobs.

      These work great, and I've already purchased these before. SO they work great, and when you are in a hurry, these always come in handy to have. There accurate, and provide great clouds, and flavor. on

    5. Nice coils!

      These work great! I did have an issues with the hived ones being stuck inside of the tube. I had to revert to a little cannibalization with some pliers on that one. Other then that These make it easy to comp wire builds when you just want to throw them in. Price is much better then others are offering, great service and shipping. on

    6. Clapton

      Good set coils.carry tube nice. on

    7. Coil

      Nice set of coils for the money neat little carry tube and easy to work with on

    8. Perfect for the lazy builder.

      I use these when I don't feel like making my own coils and just want to test out flavors in my rda's. Does the job and they turn out to be solid builds. on

    9. Got to love it

      Living the dream with hive coils .. Fast shipping.took like four days to get here and I'm in Canada Well worth the wait got tiger ones coming now .great vape huge vape ..looks awesome in the velocity on

    10. Great coils

      These are the best coils for the money. Thank you eccigitty. on

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