LUCY Nicotine Breakers


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Break up with your old nicotine routine and discover the uniquely hydrating experience of Breakers. Like Lucy Pouches, Breakers are packed with pure nicotine and flavor - but there’s an extra surprise. Each Breakers pouch holds a tiny jewel-like capsule that can be broken open to release a flood of extra flavor and hydration, whenever you choose. They’re a breakthrough in pouch technology, and only available from LUCY.

LUCY Nicotine Breakers:

  • Nicotine: 4mg or 8mg
  • Each can of Breakers contains 15 tobacco-free pouches
  • Not an FDA-approved smoking cessation aid
  • Not intended to be used to quit smoking

1x LUCY Nicotine Breakers

Warning: This product may contain nicotine and should not be used by minors. Nicotine is a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. This product is not recommended for pregnant women or people with cardiovascular issues. Always ensure that any E-Juice is kept out of reach from children and pets.