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The Good Vape

​*iPV3 Update 9/29*

Sep 28, 2014

Hey guys. We were told that we were going to receive all of our order at once, unfortunately this did not happen. We will be receiving 200 iPV3 on our first wave. The rest will be sent after the China … read more

​*iPV3 Update*

Sep 25, 2014

Hey Guys! Just wanted to let you know, Pioneer4you just informed us that they will ship out our shipment of the iPV3's BEFORE October 1st. We will keep you guys updated on this.

​*Update for iPV2, iPV2s, and Sigelei 100W*

Sep 22, 2014

Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update on the status of all of these. We received the tracking info on them last week but it is still stuck in China. We've been told that their customs have been … read more

​*iPV3 Update*

Sep 22, 2014

Hey guys, there is no real update on the iPV3 yet. We're still waiting for them to ship it out. Just wanted to let you guys know that we're as anxious as you on getting these in ASAP!

​*iPV Series Update*

Sep 16, 2014

We are still awaiting word on the iPV3. Hopefully we will get an update by tonight. We will also be receiving more of the UPDATED iPV2 and the iPV2S!
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