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The eTank F1 by EHPRO is a 25mm in diameter RDTA that features an adjustable top airflow design and a convenient way to keep your build saturated by simply pressing down on the drip tip or top cap. Hex screws located within the mid section of the tank can be added or removed to control the amount of e-juice that is dripped down into your build deck. The build deck features a 2 post design and can be removed from the rest of the tank without emptying any e-liquid.


  • 25mm In Diameter
  • Adjustable Top Airflow Design
  • Patented Dripping System
  • Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 4ml Tank Capacity
  • Unique 2 Post Design
  • PEEK Insulator


1x eTank F1 by EHPRO

1x Extra Mid Section Glass Tank

1x Extra Bottom Section Glass Tank

2x Sets of Pre-Made Coils

1x Bag of O-Rings, Screws, and Hex Key

Warning: This product is for advanced users only and proper precautions/handling should always be used. Never use any atomizer on a hybrid mod with a 510 connection that is flush or shorter than the 510 threading of the atomizer to avoid any possible injuries.

Disclaimer: Please use extreme caution when working with Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion), LiPo (Lithium-Ion Polymer) and any other rechargeable batteries. The user should have fundamental knowledge of batteries and battery safety before using these types of batteries to avoid injury. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. Do not use any rechargeable battery as well as any battery charger if any visible damage is present, as well as if the cell or charger has been stressed through mishandling or accidental causes even if damage may not be visible. Always store and transport rechargeable cells in a safe, non-conductive container in a controlled environment. Dispose of all battery cells and chargers in accordance to local laws and mandates. Eciggity will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion, LiPo and any other rechargeable batteries.

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  • 4
    eTank F1 by EHPRO

    Posted by Beth on Apr 17, 2021

    Absolutely love

  • 2
    Nothing to get exited about

    Posted by Marlene kombo on Apr 25, 2019

    This thing is too big to hold in your hand and squonk-drip. It's worth its 5$ but nothing more. Flavor is so so, clouds are ok. Nothing special. I bought this out of curiosity and it kept me busy me for 10 minutes. It's not bad bad, it's just not my thing. Too big and average performance.

  • 1

    Posted by R.Pinell on May 22, 2016

    I purchased this tank and received it defective with cross threaded parts to the point where the deck and tank couldn't be separated.I eventually broke the glass trying to get them apart when I was able to spot the problem.There is no doubt it is a manufacturer problem.Not happy what so ever!

  • 5

    Posted by Robert on Feb 29, 2016

    It works great, i'm using 50/50 and only using one hole and it works great. Ive had 0 luck with other rta or rda premade coils and this one, still have the same coils on here and work great. When it starts to taste a little burned, you just squawk it 5 times and you good to go for more vaping, its probably the first rdta that works exactly like i want it to work. I have the bellus, i have aromamizer and this just works best. No leaking period.

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    I like this squonk tank

    Posted by 350zmo on Feb 17, 2016

    Pros: Cool Vape Squonk Tank Great Flavor Density DTL Air Flow Glass Windowed Build Deck Cons: Tight Tank From Factory Press On Base Grub Screw Posts I really like this tank, and I really like Eciggity, so naturally I wish they carried the Black version of the eTank F1. I like this better than the Fountain or Superhero. And I like those too but this is better. The air inlets are not on the base as with traditional tanks. They are on the top cap pointing straight up. Personally I don't mind that but I would imagine a trade off for a few more mm in height for side air vents on the top cap instead of straight up would be better for some. But as it is, it takes a little getting use to. The good news is, this makes for a very cool vape. So if you like a cool dense wet vape, this design is the best I have seen. The intake air comes through the top and down around the chimney tube, which keeps the chimney tube cool and also helps to cool the e-Liquid. Even with temperature protection set to 360F some traditional attys I use a 70mm long drip tip to get the vape cool enough for my likes. When I first started vaping I liked the warmth and cig flavors. I'm over that now after three years of vaping. A cool dense apple or pumpkin pie in this thing is awesome. I like tanks because I hate dripping. But I like the performance of drippers. This delivers both in one without needing a squonk mod. I don't mind pressing on the drip tip to charge the deck with liquid and especially since I can see how much e-Liquid is in the build. You can actually watch it squirt liquid into the build and bubbles rise through the tank. I bought this and the Bachelor, both from EhPro and both here from Eciggity. The Bachelor is a great tank, and with a vertical build it will sustain 24W in TP mode at 360F with 100VG including chain vapes. This eTank F1 is sustaining 48W with a dual series horizontal build. Basically because it supports twice the wire and wick / surface area / build. So couple the extra air flow with twice the power and it maintains as good flavor density i.e. vaporized e-Liquid to air ratio as the Bachelor. Maybe better. Where the Bachelor is on the edge between MTL and DTL, this is DTL. Not the widest DTL I have had in a tank but certainly with flavor density. Upon arrival, I always take attys apart and wash them. This one did have a weird smell. After washing in everclear and then rinsing in water and drying, no more smell. But getting the tank apart was a feat. You have to be careful as you can crush or crack the glass so exert no pressure anywhere on the glass. I used two straps of leather for basically dual strap wrenches, one on the top SS ring and the other on the bottom SS ring of the tank. It was gorilla on at the factory really tight. But once apart, cleaned and just finger tight, that issue went away. Which is good because it is a bottom fill. I don't mind bottom fill but some may. As with most of these capture posts, the grub screws can cut soft Ni200 wire of smaller gauge. No issue with 26G+. If you want to use smaller G wire, you might want to use a fingernail sander and flatten or round off the grub screw bottoms. Stock they are cupped which is better than pointed. The biggest issue for most I think is that the build base press fits on the bottom of the rest of the atomizer assembly. It is not threaded. There are detents for alignment and a SS lip to SS bottom sleeve inside the bottom glass for support but only one o-ring. I have not had any problems with it so far but I can see where over time and with normal use the SS may wear and while it might not leak, it could wobble or come apart if mishandled. Mind you, it might or might not. But as it has only a few tanks through it, it is solid. I can pick my APV up by the tank and it doesn't come apart. And that is with a heavy DNA200 mod with 2200mah LiPo. Other notes. I run 100VG 20mg/ml sometimes without and sometimes with flavoring (1-2 drops per tank). Given the performance of this tank, I will probably cut that down to 10mg/ml. But given the 100 or nearly 100VG I run, I did take out the second juice hole grub screw. Below those two holes are small tubes that extend a couple mm below the chimney. So if you get too much juice in the bottom, inverting the tank will run the excess out the chimney and drip tip. Other RDTAs and the juice will flow back into the tank. The juice tube in the hole I removed the grub screw from is wobbly. And it is not threaded nor press fit as I can't unscrew it nor press it in or pull it out with needle nose pliers. I can only conclude that it is swaged in. Though it doesn't appear to affect performance, I may try to re-swage it. My plan is to use a sharp point center punch on the top that will fit in the tube hole and put the bottom of the tube on a flat punch and tap gently on the center punch. Very gently. It won't take a lot. On the first tank I had leaking from the top tank to the bottom build area. As in juice flowing down without me pressing the drip tip nearly filling the bottom. At first I thought oh boy I'll have to take the spring loaded top apart to replace o-rings, that oughta be fun, kasproing! But then I saw that my wick is touching those tubes through the build windows. So I pressed the wick down a little and it stopped leaking. So I think the issue was a siphon leak. Tip for charging juice: Press down sharply then ease it up. Considering everything, I take one star off. It's not perfect. But I do think the lack of a threaded base will be it's biggest detractor for most.

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    F1 rocks!!

    Posted by John k on Jan 16, 2016

    Love this tank!! Works flawless. For the previous reviewer , it comes with a grub screw in the 2nd juice tube . Meant for single coil builds. Just remove it and both will work!! I'll be ordering another in a week!!

  • 3
    Almost good...

    Posted by Dean B. on Jan 06, 2016

    Item arrived... and is defective. Removed the grub screw to open the second dripper hole... only to find it wasn't bored out all the way. Dripper function works fine on the side that is open by default. Makes running max vg juice pretty difficult. Build deck is easy enough to work with. Flavor is pretty good. Doesn't look like it'll leak easily. Overall, not a bad dripper tank... if it wasn't defective.