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Billow v2 RTA Nano Kit

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    We have made the Billow v2 RTA Nano Kit an option for those of you who already have the Billow v2 RTA, but want to try something a little more stealthier with an increase in flavor. The Billow v2 Nano RTA can hold up to 3.2ml of liquid. The Original Billow v2 RTA is required for the nano kit as it is not included as shown in the photo.


    1x Shorter Chimney for Billow v2

    1x Shorter Glass for Billow v2

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    1. Billow 2 Nano

      Don't even second guess yourself.. this is THE BEST RTA I have EVER owned... period.. exclamation mark.

      Bought this just to change my full Billow 2 a nano... Never looking back... EVER..

    2. Is what it is

      Works great! The perfect fix for my busted Billow V2.. Fast shipping however packaging coulda been better.. Did arrive undamaged tho despite the cross country trek to reach me in Massachusetts.. on

    3. Love the option

      Got this at the same time I bought the V2. It's a great option to "change it up" every once in a while. It too produces great flavor and clouds. I got the spare glass at the same time as a back up for it. on

    4. The Flavor!!

      Bought my Billow from our local B&M who doesmt carry the Nano Kit. Ordered from Eciggity and received in less than a week!
      The flavor almost doubles with this kit. I was afraid I wouldn't like having to refill as much as this holds less juice but, I actually like being able to change flavors more often. Great price and a great addition to my ever growing vape essentials. Highly recommend!!

    5. Great upgrade.

      Had a small issue with shipping but Eciggity fixed that right up. This is a great addition to the regular Billow V2. As a person who switches flavors constantly, I prefer the smaller tank size. Less travel to the mouth also gives me more flavor. Personally I love the smaller profile as well.

      If you think you would switch back and forth between regular and nano, then buy this. I saw no Nano>Regular conversion kit, meaning you can convert a regular into a nano, but not a nano into a regular, so if you want to switch back and forth, buy this instead of the nano kit straight up.

      Highly recommend.

    6. Crack glass

      Since I already have the billow v2, I went ahead and ordered the nano kit. When opened the package I noticed a little crack on the outside of the glass but it still works with no leaking at all. For the price $6.99 It didn't really matter as long as it doesn't leak. The flavor tho you get and the warmer vape is really good tho.
      I highly recommend

    7. great add on

      broke the original tank glass so ordered this and a full size glass too, works great and improves flavor. on

    8. Perfect

      This is a great accessory for your billow v2 on

    9. even better

      The billow was already great but to me the nano kit made it better cause i get better flavor and more vapor i recommend it. on

    10. Love it!!!

      The Billow 2 was my first RTA and, even after building an extensive collection of RTAs, it remained my #1. Adding the drop kit quadrupled the flavor, plus it's adorable! :) I jokingly refer to it as my "biggest RDA" due to how often it needs to be filled, but not needing to drain the tank to open it up makes filling it a breeze. Sure, top fill would be awesome but it's not that hard to unscrew it and refill it/rewick it. I put my full sized kit back on for one tankful and went right back to the drop kit. The price was also excellent for those of us who already have a BV2. No need to drop another $30 for an entire new tank and you can easily switch back and forth with the nano for being home/short trips out, or the full size for longer trips out.
      To top it off, Eciggity did a fabulous job of packaging this for me! I ordered a spare nano glass with this and when my package arrived, it looked like USPS had run over my box several times. I just knew both pieces of glass would be broken. Eciggity had it packed up so nicely and everything arrived in perfect condition! Thanks Eciggity!

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