Litto Tri Blend Disposable Pod


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Look no further - The search for a consistent, yet reliable, disposable pod is officially over! The Litto Disposable Pod is made with advanced materials and a meticulously constructed coil; this allows for flavor preservation whilst simultaneously avoiding the risk of clogging throughout its entire duration.

Each use of the Litto disposable vape pen results in a deeply gratifying experience from start to finish. Within every disposable vape pen, there's 2g of carefully formulated blend, bursting with fantastic flavor all day long. 

The Litto Disposable Pod provides a genuinely hassle free experience. Thanks to Litto's incredibly user-friendliness, simply inhale and enjoy!

There's no longer any guesswork involved; the days of worrying about temperature settings and voltage power are now behind us! The pre-filled Litto Disposable Pods are ready to be turned on directly from the package.

These disposable pods automatically heat up at the most ideal temperature, allowing for an intense rush of flavor that's accompanied by deeply satisfying vapor.


  • Click the button five times to turn it on
  • Click the button five times to turn it off

Preheat function:

  • When the device is on, hold the button for 2 seconds, and inhale for the best results

Micro-USB Charging port for casual consumers (Charging cable not included)


1x Litto Tri Blend Disposable Pod