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Super Tank Coils (5 Pack)

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    These coils are made for the Super Tank by Tobeco. Available in 0.2 Ohms, 0.5 Ohms, Ni-200, and SS 316L Notch Coils!


    1x 5 Pack of Super Tank Coils

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    1. Super fast shipping

      Fast shipping, low priced, product as described. The coils themselves seem to burn out at different rates as some may be "duds" etc but I am very impressed with Eciggity. on

    2. Good price

      I have tried many other tanks/coils and i always go back to the Super Tank, i use the .2 coils on the 25mm and the .5 on the mini. Good price and these coils wick fine with any VG iv'e tried. on

    3. None of them worked

      Ordered a 5 pack for my Tobeco Super Tank Mini and all five of them didn't read at all. Extremely disappointed. on

    4. Awesome coils

      These coils are amazing. They give outstanding flavor and a nice warm vape. Never a bad one like some others brands out there. Nice price from eciggity as always. on

    5. My Favorite Coils!

      I have tried several different coils in the past and always get a nasty flavor or they wouldn't last long. Tobeco coils are now my go to coils. I will never use another brand again! on

    6. Great coils at a great price

      Not only Did you guys do your usual job of fast shipping and awesome communication, but these coils fit perfectly in my supertank. Kudos on a job well done yet again, eciggity! on

    7. Tobecco Coils

      I wish I could give more stars. These coils out off more flavor than any other coil I've had. I have aprox 20 tanks and this one is by far the best flavor production. on

    8. Great job ecigity

      Very well price, good coils, will try the. 2 coils next.. on

    9. The Best Coils for the Super Tank

      I love the Super Tank, and these coils are amazing. They last a long time, and I never get dry hits or leaking. They also provide outstanding flavor and tons of vapor. I've tried other coils for this tank, but I don't think any work as well as these (and they are cheaper). Great value and seriously great vaping with these.


    10. (despite negative reviews) ** ALL coils = great, "IF".....

      Esp by this point, s/b VERY rare to get 'dud' or non-working coils (let alone 3.. OR 2 packs of for SURE!!!) If you've ever had issues, whether "check atomizer" gurgling/flooding, burning taste/ruined, leaking, short-life, etc. Doing just a few simple things differently can & WILL provide the BEST possible performance.. for the LONGEST amount of time too, promise! Why waste $$ & be super frustrated?! Vaper to vaper.. be sure (esp w/ these) that the bottom pin on coil is pushed all the way in. @times a little crooked out of pkg (see #2 & 5 pic above.. how their insulators look kinda bunched/janky?) Gently press together OR even remove/push back in if nec, no biggie. Thread coil into base of tank straight by going backwards a little. Once it catches, go the right way & it'll NEVER cross-thread. Always be sure its installed quite SNUGLY & put just TWO drops of e-liquid right on top of cotton/coil (just as a safety in case you have to QUICKLY pulse your device TO read resistance) Before priming, filling tho, place entire base onto device to be sure it IS making connection/coil IS snugly installed & IS reading on that device.. rather than having to then EMPTY & take back apart!!! MUCH easier.... (btw: see LOTS of comments all over, re: coils.. Upset & thinking something is wrong having bought say.. 0.2 ohm coils that read 0.252 OR even 0.3 ohms instead. All=fine tho! There are tolerances either way that allow it to be 'good" & perfectly within spec. from factory (back in day, boxes used to be marked something like "coil=2.1 ohms +/- 0.2" meaning it might end up anywhere from 1.9-2.3. These days, phew.. we're working w/ a lot less resistance & such smaller increments, I mean imagine +/- 0.2 today.. That 0.4 coil might be 'eh... around 0.2... to 0.6 'ish' ohms? Yeesh) Important thing to remember tho==== is also that... each/every device OR ohm reader will be reading that coil differently. SO, while that 0.2 'marked' coil, might be good leaving factory at 0.18 ohms, some devices read to 10th's place while others to 100th's.. AND Some will round up OR down.. but others just drop off those last digit(s) they don't display. Meaning.. as long as it's "CLOSE" it's good & you're good, NO worries! A 0.2 ohm coil should never read 0.8 ohms, BUT... something to watch out for, is that perfectly normal 0.2 reading 0.18.. That then, YOUR device might be one not rounding up &/OR dropping last digit(s). If ya thought U were fine ordering a 0.2 ohm box of coils AND have a device w/ a bottom end "min" of 0.2 ohms in VW mode.. That coil described would NOT fire & there's nothing wrong w/ the actual coil. It's just you taking a risk hoping it'll be a little 'over', if anything. Rarely are they SPOT on, dead nuts 0.20000000. Even tho your device might show it as such, as 0.2 (could really BE 0.226 & is rounding down to 10th's or dropping off) Either way, coil itself isn't the issue. **Don't order coils right at your devices min. is the key here.. a bit too risky & like most other things, even if unknown & not shared by mfr.... comes down to 'user error' unfortunately. Actually the SAME goes for gurgling, flooded burned out, leaking anything. I, too have wasted $$$ back when & didn't know (the conflicting/confusing info these days is SO much worse.. can't imagine.. I'd be super pissed) BUT..haven't had to even worry OR think about "dud" non-working coils, let alone "will leak"? in years! Follow this & you won't have to either.. which is the great part! No more confusion/frustration.. JUST VAPING!! :) Frankly, by design.. no tank should leak... no coil should be non-working. If it does, it's just a sign to STOP & check stuff out, that something ya did went wrong or was forgotten, somewhere. Check that everything is put together snugly, coil is installed properly & snugly... Coil is properly PRIMED & *** "BROKEN IN" (("MUST see" imho = Quest4vape video on his orig. Crown tank! Shows process that takes just 1-2 min... but a "must do" before using ANY new coil for 1st time. Provides best performance & longevity & applies to ANY replacement coils.... Breaking in, imho & maintaining that internal vacuum pressure by ALWAYS closing AFC (or if has one, juice flow control, in place of) before opening a top fill tank; esp when already liquid inside= imperative to keep it wicking/feediing properly pull to pull, consistently; also holding all its liquid INSIDE, rather than finding it ALL over your device/table. Wasting YOUR hard-earned $$$ yet again=frustrated, disappointed & pissed off thinking ya got some junk POS (+introduces potential for liquid to get inside & start frying shit) =/ Nope, again sadly.. user error! Things MFR's (& reviewers) should KNOW & be SHARING/showing. rather than giving conflicting, confusing info. Am telling ya tho.. do those simple things & every coil will work + every top fill tank will magically NO LONGER LEAK. A better vape too keeping that internal pressure maintained! (yep U can refill quickly without & not have issue 'sometimes'... not always tho & it'll cause other problems.. gurgling, spit-back, sputtering, uneven wicking & dry hits etc. To those who say it isn't needed ,well.. i never worry about OR get leaking w/ ANYTHING...... U decide. : PS: Top fill hasn't always been TOP fill for a reason. Just trust & close AFC ANYWAY & you'll see for yourself the differenceS WELL worth 30 seconds! =) Before re-opening afc. take a primer pull (sharp/quick inhale w/out firing) ensuring it's air-tight. Then you're good to re=open & resume vaping. Bonus= primer pull refreshes the wick= fully saturated, ready to go) That breaking in video.. essential before using for 1st time. Would you EVER see anyone using a dripper w/out getting the coils glowing evenly?? How would the vape be... if they hadn't? Exactly.. same/same, different way since IN a coil housing & wicked. Helps with the consistent wicking/feeding, NO dry wick from overly HOT areas causing dry hits/ruined coils + NO pools of liquid sitting on over-saturated wick near areas where that coil isn't glowing hot enough, either! Moving around one touches the other.. those pools pull into the super HOT spots AND.. in addition to a harsher taste, BAMM.. pools right up the air-path into your mouth like hot lava= popping, sputtering & spitback. Breaking in the coils, getting 'em glowing evenly pull to pull sets it up to NOT DO any of those things. Also keeps one from jumping right in, too soon... at 50.55 (as in a neg review), 60+ watts & having it immed pop at the leads from hot spots OR burning cotton not primed enough OR overfilling, &/or filling w/ AFC open... Can't understand why it's vaping so bad, gurgling flooding & leaking?? THAT'S WHY. 100% preventable tho is good news.. Literally taking 1-2 min tops (haha WAYYY less than it took to even read ALL this b/s rambling, trust! Do it once tho & your vape will be 100x better always..w/ no worries about bad coils, ETC. (unless your fault & forgot something, that is. LOL).. Get into the habit of closing AFC before opening any top fill tank.. you'll be happy ya did! Save your hard earned $$$ & stress...get use out of all those tanks ya thought were garbage! Dust 'em off & .. VAPE 'EM.. ENJOY! *Quest4vape was the channel, called something like "Uwell CROWN.. priming & breaking in a brand new coil" (orig crown so ?? 6+ mos ago?) It'll help solve SO many issues LOTS seem to be having.. still. If it's TOP fill OR uses STOCK coils, a must watch. All these coils are great in any supertank tho! LOVE the 25mm version w/ a 'superchuck tip/top repl.'.. stellar vape. Just work your way up the wattage in STEPS & close that AFC after being sure the COIL IS SNUG (or it'll leak from under & find its way OUT.. vape poorly OR just won't read: saying "check atomizer!" =/ Hope it helps & any/all issues... POOF, gone! Fuss free, leak free vaping.. TA-DAAA, just like that. VAPE ON! =) on

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