Staple Staggered Fused Clapton (Volcano Wire) by Tobeco

Staple Staggered Fused Clapton (Volcano Wire) by Tobeco

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    The 3 meter roll of Staple Staggered Fused Clapton Wire by Tobeco is conveniently premade and ready to use. Simply wrap and install this exotic wire for phenomenal flavor and vapor production!


    • {(2x 26AWG + 32AWG) + 2x 24AWG} + 32AWG
    • Width: 2.5mm
    • Height: 1mm
    • Compatible With Post Holes Larger Than 2.6mm


    1x 3m Spool of Staple Staggered Fused Clapton (Volcano Wire) by Tobeco

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    1. not much luck

      I strictly build RTA's so that's probably my problem. This wire is so large it's difficult to fit 4 wraps between the posts on most attys and if you do, there's no room for any spacing and hot spots seem to pop up everywhere. Then, when I cut the leads, the wire at the end of my leads would come unwrapped after I snipped them causing shorts. There is one atty in particular though that this wire is perfect for; pharaoh dripper tank because of the high amount of space and giant clamp style posts. I'm sure it's great, high-quality wire, just not for me. on

    2. Holy Fuck an explosion of awesome!

      This wire was/is fucking awesome. I demostrated my dual coil build to my friends and they lost it! (Fiancee was confused about my excitment that I'm rocking a 0.107ohm build) So far built about ten extra coils for my buddies. Now we all sit around on our off days and blow vapor like steam engines lol. on

    3. Volcano wire

      I'm dumbfounded. This wire is hands down the best vaping experience I've had. I wrap all my coils but this intrigued me. So glad I found it. I am using it in both my Avacados, a Troll and a Tsunami. Dual coils. I can't get a dual coil in my Kennedy though. Life is good... on

    4. Best coil

      I like it
      highly recomend this to a friend

    5. Decent but not as advertised

      Received my spool today and first thing I did was cut it apart and look at what it's made of. This wire does not have 2x 26AWG + 32AWG but instead it is a single piece of ribbon wire that has been claptoned, which is false advertising as well as disappointing since that means less juice channels and vapor production. This is the better end of pre made I've seen though, it is consistent and even as far as I can tell. The other issue I have is that it seems to be all kanthal, which has a much longer ramp up compared to nichrome. If it were labeled as such I probably wouldn't have purchased it. on

    6. Super fast building

      I don't build all these crazy coils and I don't like buying the pre-wrapped kind because I always feel like I'm being ripped off. This really does the trick though. Make sure your post holes are large enough to accommodate the wire though. I have a subzero 24 and a 3mm 4 wrap single coil came out to a .2. on

    7. Not bad

      It requires large post holes. Best as single coil since 2.5mm 4 wrap dual came to .06

      Sinle came to .13 on my twisted messes rda.

    8. Easy to use

      Super easy to use: just wrap and go! Make sure you have an RDA or RDTA that can accommodate wire this size, the wire is 2.6mm across so large post holes is a must! Paired with F5 cotton or cotton bacon flavor and vapor production is on point! Bottom line, get yourself a roll of this, save time from making intricate builds so you have more time to vape! on

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