Reuleaux RX2/3 by Jaybo & Wismec

Reuleaux RX2/3 by Jaybo & Wismec

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    Wismec & JayBo back at it again, introducing to our thriving world of avid vapers yet another addition to the renown Reuleaux series. Just when you thought the Reuleaux couldn’t get any better, the new Reuleaux RX2/3 begs to differ! While keeping its fantastic features, unique shape and design as well as the improved, updated 0.69" OLED Screen, this new beauty provides the innovative capability of a 2 in 1 mod at the switch of a button. Literally! At the bottom of the RX2/3 lies a switch that allows your full sized RX200 to configure into 2/3 of what it was while decreasing the size, max wattage output from 200 to 150, and minus-one-cell battery life. All you have to do is switch out the included battery cover! The RX2/3 continues to be conveniently micro USB chargeable with upgradeable firmware and now includes screen logo customization through a PC! To say the most, more than less of us have that stay-at-home mod that has a special place on our desk, as well as that pocket-sized mod we enjoy bringing out while cruising; the new Reuleaux RX2/3 can soon be both for you! 


    • Dimensions: 40.2mm x 34.5mm x 88.7mm (2 Cells)
    • Dimensions: 40.2mm x 50.1mm x 88.7mm (3 Cells)
    • Improved 0.69" OLED Screen
    • Battery Life Indicator Display Option
      • Displayed As Percentage
      • Displayed As Battery Life Bar
    • Stainless Steel Spring Loaded 510 Pin
    • Output Wattage: 1W - 150W (For 2 Cells) 1W - 200W (For 3 Cells)
    • Output Mode: VW, TC-Ni200, TC-Ti, TC-SS, TCR Mode
    • Temperature Range: 100°C - 315°C / 200°F - 600°F
    • VW Resistance Range: 0.1Ω - 3.5Ω
    • TC Resistance Range: 0.05Ω - 1.5Ω
    • Powered by Either 2x or 3x High Amp 18650 Batteries (Sold Separately)
    • Magnetic Battery Cover
    • Upgradeable Firmware with Logo Customization
    • Micro USB Charging


    1x Reuleaux RX2/3 by Jaybo Design & Wismec

    1x Back Cover (For 2 Cells)

    1x Micro USB Cable

    1x User Manual

    1x Warning Card

    Warning: This product is for advanced users only and proper precautions/handling should always be used. Never use any atomizer on a hybrid mod with a 510 connection that is flush or shorter than the 510 threading of the atomizer to avoid any possible injuries.

    Disclaimer: Please use extreme caution when working with Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion), LiPo (Lithium-Ion Polymer) and any other rechargeable batteries. The user should have fundamental knowledge of batteries and battery safety before using these types of batteries to avoid injury. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. Do not use any rechargeable battery as well as any battery charger if any visible damage is present, as well as if the cell or charger has been stressed through mishandling or accidental causes even if damage may not be visible. Always store and transport rechargeable cells in a safe, non-conductive container in a controlled environment. Dispose of all battery cells and chargers in accordance to local laws and mandates. We will not be held responsible for any damage or injury caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion, LiPo and any other rechargeable batteries.

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    1. Very nice mod

      This is my 5th mod and now my favorite. I used the single cap for two batteries give me 150 watts. That's all I need I can't see anybody need any more but just me. It is good weight and very good size comfortable in the hand and overall I give it the highest rating. on

    2. Excellent!

      I love my new reuleux! I will definitely buy again from you all! Great and super fast delivery! on

    3. Great mod!

      Great mod at an affordable price! Jaybo & Wismec have done it again! This mod has the capability to use 2 batteries or 3 depending on your preference. I like the design of this mod for the 3rd battery cell, especially how it disconnects from the mod itself. This improves the durability in the structure of the mod should you accidentally drop it or it fall somehow. This was a flaw in the Rx 200 and the terminals for battery connection would crack and bend so I'm glad they improved it. on

    4. Great Mod

      I've been using my Reauleax RX 2/3 for about a week now and I love it. I primarily use it in 2 battery mode and it works great. I haven't used the 3 battery configuration yet, but I have noticed the battery life with 2 18650s doesn't last as long as in my Smok Alien. It's not a huge difference at all and not a con for me because I have plenty spare batteries always charged. One slight con would be the battery door in 2 battery mode is a bit finnicky to get on. You have to tilt the battery door at a certain angle to get it to click in right. Once you do it a few times you start to figure out and it's not that big of a deal. It's a bit easier in 3 battery mode. One thing I really like is the screen and the fact that you can display battery percentage instead of a battery bar. It fits nice in the hand in 2 battery mode and is pretty light; in 3 battery mode it's a bit bulky but still nicely shaped. The button is super clicky and wonderful. With that being said, I love this mod. I bought the cyan and grey version and it's beautiful, and at a great price. I would definitely recommend this to anybody looking for a good mod. on

    5. Thanks ECIGGITY

      First of all A Big Thanks to ECIGGITY. Have had the RX200 for a while and overall I loved it. Now that I have the RX2/3 I found myself enjoying it much more than the 200. I read a lot of reviews about the 2 battery not lasting long but haven't ran into any problems. Honestly it get me through the whole day. Really enjoy the less weight and the one less battery. There's so much more features on the 2/3 that I enjoy and think others will also. I highly recommend the 2/3. ECIGGITY was alomost 50% cheap the your local vendors and shipping was less than a week. Very Professional...Thanks again. on

    6. Top notch

      Ever since the first REULEAUX I have been all about these mods. They are built like tanks and can hit like tanks too. Great to have the option to downsize the mod from 3 too two batts. Didn't think I would like the new door at first but I actually really like how it holds in place better than magnets. Just buy it. on

    7. Best Mod Out There

      This is an amazing mod with amazing features at an amazing price! It's basically robbery for only $48.99 and is just an over all outstanding mod. It has all the features you'd want and the ability to add a custom logo is a nice touch. The two battery option is very nice and the battery hatch is super secure whether you're in two or three battery mode. on

    8. Can't ask for a better mod!!

      very nice mod!! Like 3 battery 2 battery option, well built! on

    9. Love the rx2/3

      I love this mod so easy to use tons of extras nice weight and size never miss fires soils equipment on

    10. It's a good mod, but if you purchased for the 3 batteries, stick with the 200s

      So, I usually use a tank, but got a tsunami 24, and with monster builds, I needed a 3 battery mod. I tried to avoid it, but since all of my mods are 2 battery, I noticed that the drain was significant. So I decided to get the most recent update the 2/3. Here's a review:

      The screen is very big and clear. I like that and the button functions are very reactive to touch. No lag time. I like the functions that the button has and that you can turn it on.

      The mod hits like a beast! You can totally use hi drain builds on this thing.

      Feels nice to the touch, holds really good in the hand.

      Power does do well at 40 as well as 180 or 200.

      Display change: with this model you can change the display which is cool.

      USB charge: it's a mixed review. It charges, but it's slow, and you have to have all the batteries the married (ill explain in the cons)

      Putting on the 2 battery cover is a pain. They have 2 safety locks so the cover won't fall off. The first is a button which snaps really good and feels secure. The other are hooks that hook onto the mod. The 3 cover battery is easy to put on. the 2 was a pain, you have to push it just right, hold it on an angle and just slip it in there. It's a pain.

      2 battery mode: I noticed that the 3rd battery has about 10% more power. I could be wrong on that. But when I put it on 2 battery mode, the power does drain significantly faster.

      2 battery form: The whole thing is big and solid. In 2 battery mode, it's triangular and a little awkward to hold.

      married triple: It is very important that all of the 3 batteries you have are married, ie they are all charged at the same time, and used just for the 2/3. I tried mixing batteries, and I was getting imbalance, and it wouldn't charge, and the power usage went by very very fast. Make sure you marry the three.

      ONE HUGE POSITIVE NOTE: The upgrade for the 2/3 and 200s has an upgrade for preheat! It also has a function that slows down battery drain.

      But, if you're like me and got the reuleau for the 3 batteries, stick with the 200s. It has the same functions, and it's a little cheaper than the 2/3


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