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F5 Supima Cotton v2 by Vape Nyne

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    Please note Vape Nyne has updated their Supima cotton since March 2016. The taste and look may differ slightly as the new process is meant to produce cleaner flavor. This product remains organic and is the same high quality.

    F5 Supima Cotton by Vape Nyne is organically processed and is the most talked about wicking material right now. Soon enough, F5 Supima Cotton will be the most frequently used wicking material because it makes your e-juice taste clean and fresh for a long time once it has been broken in. It also brings out other notes of flavors you've never tasted in certain e-juices. F5 Supima Cotton is available in small packs (3 grams of cotton) or large packs (11 grams of cotton).


    1x Pack of F5 Supima Cotton by Vape Nyne

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    1. Doesn't go Dry

      This cotton is magical. Once you prime it the cotton will get wet and stay wet. It soaks up the eliquid fast and the texture of it is real soft and fine on

    2. NOT FOR RTAs

      Wish I had read these reviews before purchase. These are not good for RTAs IMO. I bought the Troll RTA and this cotton. Kept thinking it was an RTA/Build issue with getting dry hits but found that this stuff doesn't wick fast enough to be used in an RTA. I'm sure it works GREAT for an RDA. It is super soft and extra strong. Would hold a lot of juice if dripped directly on it, but doesn't wick enough to pull from a tank. on

    3. Read this

      This is specifically for drippers not for rta's, i tried everything with the 25 plus super easy to wick and still wont wick properly, running 70/30 should be no issue, i literally comed out entire piece and wicked no go. If u drip directly on the coil u will get very tasty rip but dries up quickly down to dry hits. Believe me use some organic/cotton bacon if your using a rta not this cotton. on

    4. My go to

      Excellent cotton will buy again this cotton has long fibers and doesn't burn that easy but takes longer to start wicking. But once it does it wicks great. on

    5. The best wick you can buy

      This stuff gives great flavor and personally the only wick I'll use on

    6. Funny taste then amazing

      There is a funny taste at first but once wicked this cotton is great! Seems to wick more juice and when it is a little dry it doesn't seem to be as harsh on the throat as other cottons. Will be buying more of this! on

    7. Never breaks in - Tons of work for no reward

      I watched all the YouTube videos on how to break in F5 multiple times, but no matter what I could never get this stuff to break in correctly. The awful taste just never goes away, even after 4 tank fulls in my rta. It is suck a pain to use because the cotton rejects the ejuice at first so ejuice goes all over the place. You have to prime fire it a bunch to get it to start absorbing correctly. I thought all the extra work would be a trade off for the supposed awesome taste. But no, Kendo Gold Edition has MUCH better taste without all the extra work and wasting 4 mls of juice trying to prime this stuff. Really disappointed in F5, tried Kendo Gold though and it had replaced Cotton Bacon for me. on

    8. Best Wick Ever

      So I've had this cotton for almost a week now. Day one when it showed up I immediately wicked up a set of fused claptons I've been waiting to use and I have yet to rewick them. My coils don't gunk up as easily with this cotton, I can switch flavor very easily, and this cotton holds juice for way longer then any other cotton I've used. Great stuff and I will be ordering way more of it. on


      Are you looking for Very High Quality cotton with superior flavor and thick clouds?Also durability and longevity? If you are,,, THIS is what you need. Been using it since Eciggity started carrying it and I'll never buy anything else, ever.

    10. Top of my list

      This is the best cotton in the market I've used cotton Mon and this is much cleaner no more of the natural oils or waxes that protect the cotton so use clean hands and your golden, works great on sub ohm as well as higher resistance coils there may be one or two brands out there that are close but there's none better on

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