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Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils (5 Pack)

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    The newest generation of the Aspire Nautilus coils are here! The BVC is a bottom vertical coil type of coil that uses a ceramic wicking material. The flavor production on this coil is awesome! This coil will only fit the NAUTILUS and the NAUTILUS MINI.


    1x 5 Pack ASPIRE BVC Coil

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    1. Nautilus coils

      Good wife loved nautilus on

    2. Like this stuff

      Unlike the 0.6 ohm version I like the 1.8 ohm better, it lasts longer and I get a better cloud out of it on

    3. Good Coils

      They fit, they work as advertised on

    4. Like this stuff

      I love my nautilus mini, my coils last long, if I use the 1.8, but the 1.6 usually burn within a couple of days on

    5. Problem with the 1.6 ohm

      So I think aspire have a QC problem with the new bvc cotton coil heads 1.6 ohm. After priming the coil all I would get is a burnt hit no matter what the wattage would be and this was with all 5 coils from the pack. So I decided to take one apart and noticed the all the holes on the side of the coil head are blocked by another metal piece inside the coil head. I bought another pack from another vendor and the results were the same. So I decided to buy a pack of the new 1.8 ohm coils and they work awesome and I also took one apart and the holes on the side are not blocked off allowing the liquid to keep the cotton saturated. Has any else noticed this with the 1.6 ohm coils? on

    6. They Work Great

      I love these for my Aspire Nautilus Mini. I haven't had any duds or any problems. One lasts me about 5 days. I start out low watts like 5-7 the first day and go up a few each day after that. I get a great hit every time. on

    7. Great Product

      Great service and fast shipping. The price was perfect and the coils are working just fine. on

    8. Decent, but disappointing overall.

      After experiencing a lot of difficulty with a pack of 5 of these coils, unfortunately I have decided that they'll be a backup option for me. I couldn't get these coils to wick high VG juices well, resulting in 4 wicks being completely singed after only a few hours of use.

      While they worked, the flavor was phenomenal. The filters on the coil heads also stop spittle and keep you from getting hot juice on your tongue. I think they could be improved by redesigning the juice channels, but what do I know.

      Overall I'd say they're great coils, but only if you're using at least 30pg in your juice, or are in a warm environment.

    9. Great flavor and good vapor production

      These work great with the aspire nautilus. Great flavor and good vapor production. They last me about a full day of chain vaping before I need to replace it. I havent had any duds, just make sure to let them sit for about 10 minutes so they can soak up some juice. Only downside is that they cost about $3 a day for me. Still cheaper than cigs... on

    10. Three out of five ain't bad, but it's not great. "1.8 ohm"

      Three coils out of the five pack were just great, best vape out of a tank I've had in a while. The two that were bad were very nasty. All of the coils were within .1 ohm of what they're rated. on

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