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Adjustable Airflow Drip Tip

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    Adjustable airflow is no longer only for atomizers! With these stylish delrin-based drip tips you can now control how much airflow your prefer through your drip tip! The Black and Silver have plastic tips and the Gold has a metal tip; these will fit most 510 atomizers.


    1x Adjustable Airflow 510 Drip Tip

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    1. loose airflow controil oring

      works great except the oring for the airflow is really loose, it changes as you vape have to ck it before each pull on

    2. seemed working well

      lossed setting easily on

    3. Eh, it's a wobbly piece of plastic for $10 that won't last and this place is getting away with the price!

      . . . but it helps bring in more air to my tank and it's not as hot! Whew!! Then I come back and pay ANOTHER $10??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I DID buy a 2nd one, so it'll do for now! LOL! They DO work well, and for the savings I've gotten on so MANY other things, it's worth it, but MORE worth my mouth and comfort than anything!
      Here's the gist of it: I needed a drip tip that let more air into my Temperature Control Sigelei 75 Watt Mod that I just bought from here. Actually, it started with my son. I bought the mod for him and he LOVES his. So I tried my son's NEW mod, and I LOVED it . . . a LOT, just like he does!
      I came back here and bought a second one of those mods for myself!!! Although, I DID KNOW I was going to have a problem with the heat as it was HOT! I have that dry mouth disease, where you don't make saliva, so hot food or drink really hurts it and it's VERY sensitive. This put me NEEDING this perfect little piece of plastic heaven! However, I will have problems with it later as it is SO wobbly inside the Kanger Mini Tank. I figure I'll put some super glue on it to hold the two pieces together while it's in my mouth on the edge of my lips because these two pieces pop apart WAY too easily! This is screaming for a new O-ring at the bottom of it WHEN NEW, and it is SO TINY!!! That is a little part of the problem, and I think adding another O-ring NOW will help. It WILL make it THICKER, which is TRULY what it needs! Yes, I did come back and bought another - I LOVE it, even if it DOES need to be improved upon and I need to mess around with it to make it work!

    4. I have the SAME issues as everyone else, and for $10 for a drip tip we should NOT!!!

      This drip tip is awesome in the fact that we can adjust it to get the PERFECT VAPE. My mouth is super sensitive to heat, so this helps me to be able to sub-ohm vape WAY better than what I was able to, but this thing is NOT going to last! It's going to fall out and get lost! The plastic nub that goes into the hole of our mod is going to wear out, too. For $10, this company is getting away with murder for charging that price KNOWING it's NOT GOING TO LAST! They KNOW! There is NOT a way NOT TO KNOW!!!
      We are going to have to use some type of glue and more O-rings to TRY to stabilize it a little better. Good luck. We NEED it!

    5. Loves to fall out of all my RDA's

      It's an interesting concept but if it fit tight in any of my RDA's then I bet it would be amazing. But as it is it doesn't and due to the lack of a seal it sucks air through the gaps where the O-Rings should fit tight. I guess I'll have to go through my paintball rebuild kits and try to find new ones. Kind of a bummer really. on

    6. Wiggles a lot

      Love the drip tip, The adjustable airflow can't be beat! Only downside is that it wiggles around in most of my mods, Can be kind of annoying sometimes. Going to try and fit a different O-Ring on it and see if it that will hold it in place better. on

    7. That airflow though....

      The drip tip is everything I have been looking for. The adjustable airflow allows me to customize my vape depending on my juice, wattage level, and what kind of draw im looking for. I was disappointed to see it didnt have multiple options but after using it, that was not an issue at all. The only reason this drip tip didnt get 5 stars from me is because the o-ring is a tad small which makes it easy for the drip tip to wiggle around and possibly fall out. I like a snug fit with my drip tips. on

    8. like the air flow drip tip

      love this drip tip nice flow of air wide drip tip on

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